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Reference - for Allwin Windows and Doors Ltd.
We have been dealing with Allwin since 2015 for our residential houses and group houses projects. We are very pleased by their product quality and professional service. One of our clients in the architectural eduaction industry told me that Allwin residentail windows are the best that she has seen in the market and that she liked Allwin's solid 40mm profile, fabrication quality and surface finish. Allwin provided to us the most affordable solution for large group houses projects. Their project management team provides professional planning and programming services to our projects. We have received good outcomes with quality products to meet our needs. We are looking forwards to a continuing long term business relationship with Allwin.

Bobby Li
Highland Construction Ltd

Reference for Sylvia Chen, Allwin Windows and Doors Ltd.
To whom it may concern, We are a large Design and Build Company based in Auckland who primarily focuses on luxury home and standard house projects including terrace house and townhouses. Allwin windows and doors has been supplying products and service to New land Homes for a number of houses and townhouse development around Auckland and Hamilton, and I would like to take one particular jog for example, we had an 12 townhouse development in Hamilton just outside of Waikato University, and When I sat down with Sylvia discussing about this job, she proposed two options for the delivery, based on the size of the job, we decided to go for the 10 weeks turnaround option which meets our timeline and give us more benefit on the price, therfore we confirm the working drawing with Sylvia on November 2015, by the end of January 2016 Sylvia called me and let me know that all the joinery had arrived, so we confirm the onsite deliver date, after all the installation, we found there is not even one faulty windows for the whole job which is amaging. the whole process is very efficient and I'm quite pleased with the quality. I have found Sylvia very good to deal with, she is very active in ensuring the details and is also good at sourcing alternative product for last minute design changes.

"Sylvia is a human dynamo with energy to spare whilst also being very personable".

The joinery supplied by Allwin is of a very high standard incorporating modern design features at a good price. The delivery service is also very capable. there is no damaging on any joinery supplied from Allwin so far. I have full confidence in Sylvia and her team and look forward to working with her on any other projects we can be associated with.

Richard (Director)
New land Homes Ltd